Rockridge Geotechnical has performed geotechnical investigations and provided observation and testing services during construction of essential infrastructure projects for new site developments and existing communities throughout the Bay Area. Infrastructure projects include emergency communication systems, roadways, sewer and storm water management systems, electrical and water supply systems, parking structures and airports.


Emergency Communication Systems

  • East Bay Regional Communications System, California
    The project is part of a network of communication sites being built and operated by the East Bay Regional Communications System Authority. The project includes constructing diesel generators and equipment shelters, pads, and buildings; microwave dishes; 40- to 175-foot high antenna towers; and retaining walls and site improvements. Communication sites span over 10 municipalities across the East Bay.



  • 12th Street Road Reconstruction, Oakland, California
  • Snow Park/Harrison/20th Street/Lake Merritt Improvements, Oakland, California
  • Palo Alto VA- Loop Road Realignment, Palo Alto, CA
  • Sharon Avenue Improvements, Piedmont, CA
  • Littlefield Avenue Resurfacing Project, South San Francisco, CA



Sewer and Storm Water Management Systems

  • Lakeshore West Subdivision – Flood Control Levee Inspections, Discovery Bay, California
  • Sharon Avenue – Storm Drain Improvements, Piedmont, CA
  • Littlefield Avenue – Sewer Pipeline Settlement Evaluation and Replacement, South San Francisco, CA
  • Paragon at Midtown – Storm Water Management System, Fremont, CA
    The storm water management system includes bio-swales constructed in the park and open spaces around new buildings, culverts beneath the parking garage slab-on-grade floor, a storm water detention box, sand-oil interceptors, and storm water pipelines.


Electrical and Water Supply Systems

  • San Lorenzo Unified School District - Solar Arrays, San Lorenzo, CA
  • Mills College – Electrical Improvements, Oakland, CA
  • Altamont Landfill Water Tank, Livermore, California
  • YMCA Camp Jones Gulch - Water Tank Replacement, La Honda, CA
  • Arroyo High School – Irrigation Well and Pump, San Lorenzo, CA


Parking Structures & Airports

  • MacArthur BART Station Transit Village – Parking Structure and New Internal Streets, Oakland, California
  • Paragon at Midtown Apartment Complex Parking Structure, Fremont, California
  • Pilgrim Triton Apartment Complex – Parking Structure, Foster City, California
  • Los Angeles International Airport - Terminal 6 Tenant Improvements, Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco International Airport - Terminal 3 Boarding Area E Renovations and Expansion, San Francisco, California



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